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Depotnet HSEQ modules

Depotnet's HSEQ modules 

Manage all Audits and Inspections, track remedial actions and assign corrective measure tasks to users in real time. 

Fully Configurable Dynamic Risk Assessments.  Create and manage Risk Assessments across all workstreams.                                                                   
Send and receive real time Safety Briefings and TBT's to your field operatives, including documentation & signature capture. 

Create and Manage distribution lists from the Depotnet platform.    

Record and manage all incidents, such as utility strikes, RTA's, hazards and incidents, via Incident Manager with full close-out reporting. 

Fully configurable Incident Reports. Ability to record witness, vehicle and injury details, including accident forms. 

Ensure your workforce has the qualifications and accreditations that can be made available on-site via Competence Manager.           

Email alert functionality throughout.      

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